About being a leader: Leadership by Arjo Klamer

“Leadership is stepping up in a time when everyone is lost.”

What is leadership really? There will come a time when you will find your people, your team, your class or even your family in front of you, questioning your authority. They will be debating your decision, your views. What do you do? Do you give up? Say, you’re right, I’m sorry? Or do you stand your ground?

“Leadership is about quality, not quantity.”

Leadership is stepping up in a time where everyone is lost. Management won’t help you there. Imposing your rules won’t work. Saying ‘Listen, I’m the teacher, you’re the student, do as I say, won’t work. It’s all about realizing values. I think we are lost in an instrumentalist age, as Aristotle would say. We get caught up in the processes, the numbers. These have nothing to do with leadership, only with management. I’m not saying numbers are wrong, I’m just saying leadership has very little to do with them. Leadership is about quality, not quantity.

“Sometimes all we need is a modern preacher.”

As a father I’m also a leader. Sometimes that’s easy to forget. When no one listens to me, when my kids defy me, I have to remind myself: I am the father here. I have to believe in my role as a father, put in the energy, give direction. And when I do, I feel myself grow. As a leader you have the responsibility to make people aware of a higher purpose. Sometimes all we need is a modern preacher.


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