Beyond current structures: Brandon O’Dell

I see us as opportunity makers. We really need to use our imagination. I tend to think of our future task as being Alliance Scouts. We can actively use and expand our networks and make collaborative connections. By exchanging knowledge and finding new, unexpected partnerships new business models can be found, but only if we work together.

The European situation als has fiscal aspects because of taxing structures, that almost create linear discussions that need to be changed into more of a 360 degree approach. Starting with an inventory of who we know, what is available, segmenting needs and pragmatically approaching the problem towards new solutions that challenge the classical approach of government funding and our dependence of that. Creating a platform that shares knowledge and methods in this approach, is something we can do collectively.

In the end, we connect people. We need to start the connections at the onset of our journey. We find this on a large and on a smaller scale, in the arts, as well as the sciences.

Brandon O’Dell works as the director of Public Affairs at the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development and the Amsterdam Health and Technology Institute. These two institutions function as network organizations linking the academic world with public and private companies to improve health and access to healthcare on a global scale. Additionally, he currently works with the Nederlandse Dansdagen as an associate professional in an advisory role.


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