Beyond current structures: Christopher Ramsey

I really believe the question we have before us requires an interdisciplinary approach and non-traditional solutions.
We can’t deny the similarities between fields, whether it’s culture or science or economics. In a broader sense there are global aspects that give us insight to what really needs to be done. Analyzing patterns and looking beyond our own or localized field oriented questions or problems can foster solutions.

It’s not always about money. You can look in non-traditional ways at attaining resources to achieving our goals.

The voice of dance is smaller than the impact it can have. Standing up for our art form and making our case might be hard.
For Dance, the necessity of developing of this voice as a Field, is an important opportunity. The internal dialogue and serious thought within our field is an important step. Today is an important step toward that and it shows leadership that deserves to be mentioned. It’s an important step in getting public awareness and support. Creating awareness and appreciation for the true added value and worth our art form and field can have.

Standing up, bringing the artists forward and giving our field a voice and a face that can start to convey the richness in the experience of the field should become an urgent subject. Framing our art-form in the cultural context is challenging. It needs and deserves a higher and sharper profile, like an actual Brand. It involves bringing the public and influencers into contact with our field. A broad base of support and recognition is needed to achieve appreciation of the relevance and importance of the Arts.

Capturing the endorsements that are out there is extremely important. You cannot underestimated the value of your eco-systems and smaller systems within these eco-systems. The whole eco-system relies on every part of its smaller elements. There is a wealth of resources in the Netherlands that is strong but not yet activated.

About the speaker
Christopher Ramsey served as Director of External Affairs for the New York City Ballet for nearly a dozen years. Under his leadership, City Ballet built the largest endowment in the dance world that was used, among many needed initiatives, to found a formal archive encompassing correspondence, photographs, costumes, film and videotape of the company’s rich history.


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