Beyond current structures: Gaby Allard

I feel it’s my responsibility to look beyond the known and beyond the familiar. Actively seeking and sharing information is crucial. We can learn a lot about creating a voice, that comes from a community and a connectedness.

It is becoming clear that we have not sufficiently been working on our common voice as a field to be able to collectively stand for what it is we do.
It’s about understanding how and why we need to lead ourselves beyond the current structure and moment in time.
This also has a connection with leadership and confidence.

Finding the language and supplying the tools to face the new reality needs to be incorporated in the DNA of the art of dance.
Dance is a Craft. Creating a community about the relevance of our work is also a Craft that needs to be honed.

About the speaker
Gaby Allard is director of the Faculty of Theatre and Dance, ArtEZ. Allard trained as a classical dancer at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Upon graduation she worked for fifteen seasons with the modern dance company Dance Works Rotterdam, first as a dancer, later assistant artistic director and in various other functions.

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