Beyond current structures: Lydia Harmsen

We often hear that funding should stick to the basics. But we really need to change the way we think to really add to our brands and products and look beyond the current ways and means we rely on to achieve funding.

Beyond is not just beyond yourself or your discipline, but also beyond your field.
In my eyes there is a cross over between that field of art and science. The searching and seeking, and development of knowledge and discoveries that we seek.

The simple tasks of developing a long term plan and being comfortable with fund raising It also involves how we look at culture. You are not asking for money : we are talking about excellence. There are many schemes and programmes in place to assist cultural organizations in this process. The market is changing rapidly. We need to establish a base and develop relationships from that point. We need to be bold and I really agree with Gaby on the point of confidence.

Society looks for examples and we have a strength that can be of added value in that.

About the speaker
Lydia Harmsen is head of development at the Royal Theatre and National Theatre Company in The Hague. She started her career as a classical ballet dancer with the New York City Ballet in 1987.


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