Beyond current structures: Max Valentin

I’ve been interested in how the online world influences cultural development by innovating funding since 2003. With regional co-investment funds we offer a platform where an audience can start funding that can then be leveraged with public funding. Besides money as an economical aspect we also look at cutting costs, supporting time and support in other than monetair forms.

The current structures are very contextual. We can describe effects to convey our purpose and ambitions. This is necessary and important in communication. Looking into fundraising we see connections and different levels, that needs differentiation when it needs to function on a scalable level. Global or national or smaller institutions need different approaches to adapt and organise themselves in this new landscape.

About the speaker
Max is CEO at practical think-tank Fabel based in Sweden. Within Fabel he has created numerous initiatives exploring the possibilities of post-digital organization, public-private funding strategies and audience involvement projects. For some time he has also been running a conference series on digital cultural policy Truly Digital.


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