Beyond current structures: Sara Lourenco

“We were used to paradise. We can complain or we can look forward. In an artistic sense, if you don’t have anything, you are pushed to find a way. Even if they’re just baby steps. In the end you need to know that you need to reach out and also be reachable. You need to be able to vocalize the value. Collaboration needs to entail this as well. The added value and depth of exchange is becoming more and more essential.”

“What I find difficult about the ‘entitled’ artists is that when they are willing, they are not prepared to face the new challenge of changing funding.”

About the speaker
Sara Lourenco is a Portuguese dancer who danced in the Portugeuse National ballet, The Dutch Don’t Dance Division, Thom Stuart and more recently at Marget Donlon’s Saarland State Theatre.

2 Responses to “Beyond current structures: Sara Lourenco”

  1. mezaninos em curitiba

    Esta é a perfeito site para ninguém quem quer mesmo entender neste tópico.

    Sabe tanto seu quase difícil discutir com você
    (não que Eu pessoalmente iria querer para…

    HaHa). Você definitivamente colocar uma nova girar em um tópico que tem
    sido discutido para as idades. Excelente , apenas grande !



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