15 april

Live report

Here you can read the live report of the conference BEYOND ballet why and how by Visuele notulen.  Read en watch the content addressing multiple themes that impact many levels of dance. The conference format facilitates content development over three days, presenting in-depth discussions and workshops that offer the opportunity to expand knowledge.

Workshop: ‘Attentional focus & ballet’ (Finnish National Ballet, Cannes Danse Festival and the Royal Academy of Dance)

“The world of dance is in the middle of a global renaissance and the only way that we grow collectively is to share the knowledge we have with others and try and lift them up as much as possible. Dance is not a competition against other companies, it is a competition to remain a vital part of the global cultural scene.”

– Shane Jewell, Oklahoma City Ballet

6 Skills Young Arts Managers Need to Have by Shane Jewell

More and more students have started to contact me, asking if I have time to talk to them about arts management. Some are even arts or dance management majors.

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“An ever increasing variety of choreographic repertoires, one daily training only, less time outside the studio imply to provide to the dancers a physical preparation able to both preserve our legacies and their health. Beyond Ballet Why and How is now an inevitable issue for the international dance community.”

– Alexandre Munz

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‘Holistic Ballet’ dancing from the inside out – an introduction to a holistic approach to ballet training by Clare Guss-West B.Hum

Today, ballet students and professionals regularly turn to alternative training methods such as yoga, Pilates and weight training to supplement their daily ballet class, finding it insufficient as a stand alone training to meet the demands of todays choreographers and diverse repertoire.

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Resource paper: Perfectionism by Sanna Nordin Bates

“Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing.”-

Harriet Braiker

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The breaker’s shoulder by Sophie Manuela Lindner

A lot of bboys and bgirls have problems with their shoulder when they go down to the floor in breaking. The shoulder is a joint that is mostly held up by muscles. Because of this, the proper physical preparation of the shoulder muscles is essential for having a professional breaking career.

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Temporality of the Dancing Body: Tears, Fears and Ageing Dears by Mark Edward and Dr. Helen

This paper examines and highlights the importance of valuing the body as it gravitates towards maturity (or ‘otherness’) refuting the myth that people do not or should not dance as they get older.

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