Determine your mission, your contribution: LEADERSHIP BY ARJO KLAMER

There’s this one exercise I usually use during workshops. I’ll tell them to imagine their utopia, their ideal world. What does it look like? When I started my own university, I imagined my ideal university: small, interactive, all about curiosity, inquiry, enthusiasm. No bureaucracy, no getting stuck in plans and processes. So try it: fantasize about your ideal world. Abstract from everything you don’t like or that plays no role in your ideal world. Like money, money is probably not important in your ideal world. When you have this fantasy set in your mind, think about the following: What if the people in your world were lost, had lost direction? What would you say to them?

“You need to determine values, not virtues.”

Usually people answer: keep moving, don’t lose illusion, help each other grow and expand, remember why you do what you do. These are not missions. They are more virtues than values. In moments of crisis these virtues don’t give you direction. Here it becomes clear that we are children of an instrumentalist time. We are focused on the processes. Hitler had an illusion too, he also wanted to keep moving, he remembered why. It doesn’t answer the question what is it good for, what will it contribute to?

“In your fantasy there are no boundaries, maybe in your world everyone is a dancer.”


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