Management versus leadership: Leadership by Arjo Klamer

“Managers crowd out creativity”

There is a distinction to be made between managers, entrepreneurs and leaders. At least, it’s a distinction I like to make. Arts Management is very popular. People talk about a need for professionalisation, having teams, clear contracts and so on. I think in any situation there will come a point where there is too much emphasis on management, on business. It gets too bureaucratic. The actual teachers, dancers, the people who are doing the work, are getting left out. Managers crowd out creativity.

That’s where entrepreneurs come in. Managers and entrepreneurs alike have a sense of leadership, but they have a different way of going about it. Entrepreneurship is about changing routines. Stepping up. Trying to do something that other people think is crazy. And then it’s about a lot of talking and persuasion. Getting people along, getting people to invest their time and money.

It’s about breaking out.


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