Open training: summary and gallery

There’s something in the individuality of being here whenever you want and doing whatever you want, weather it is alone or together. Everyone has their own side when it comes to breakdancing, while ballet and contemporary dancing usually focusses on both sides. It’s a specialization versus being more allround. It’s exactly the same thing with the lack of structure situation. Everybody gets to choose whatever they want. Because there is no need to be allround, it evolves so quickly.

“It’s about what works for the individual.”

It’s about what works for the individual. You can spend an hour and a half on the same movement or just one minute. Because breakdancing is so individual and specific, it’s hard to judge breakdance battles or to make a piece. With other forms of dance, you learn to be structured and disciplined. It makes you versatile, but you end up losing some of your individuality.

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