Emio Greco, choreographer and co-owner of ICKamsterdam

“Archiving is creating.”

Archiving is creating. We have a need to create a living archive which enables us to share, elaborate, communicate and to talk about dance to the outside world. I want to document the act of creating and came up with a system that could trace back the energy of the thought of the creation. What was most important to us (Emio Greca and Pieter C. Scholten, red.) was not to create an archive in shape or form, but to capture the intention. We captured written notes, videos, activities, anything we could find related to the dance.

“By trying to capture a dance, the poetic part disappears. Not the intellectual part.”

For me it’s about continuity of creativity. A piece doesn’t exist until the audience is there to witness it. But at the same time having an audience limits you. The freedom stops, because you have to reach your audience and bring something across. By trying to capture a dance, the poetic part disappears. But the intellectual part, that is something you can hold on to.


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